Getting Started

What Do You Need to Get Started?

The following information is a general guide to what you need to get started in gravel motorsport at an entry level. Please contact BORMSA if you require any further information.

(1) CAMS Affiliated Club Membership

To hold a CAMS competition licence you must be a member of a CAMS affiliated car club. Some BORMSA events are “multi-club”, so you can be a member of BORMSA or one of many other car clubs eg.Light Car Club, WA Car Club, Mini Car Club and still compete at Beverley. For "Club only" events, you can buy a day membership for $15, however, you must be a full member of another club to hold your CAMS licence.

Joining BORMSA is easy – fill in the membership form (link on the Home Page) on google forms. Payment can be made by EFT or credit card and full, junior and family membership categories are available.

(2) CAMS Competition Licence

To enter a khanacross or junior motorkhana event you need to hold a CAMS Competition licence (minimum 2NS/2NSJ Non-Speed). To enter an autocross event, you need to hold a minimum Level 2 Speed Licence (2S or 2SJ). For non-timed Driver Development days for first timers, you can apply for a Level 1 licence. Refer for further information or contact the club.

You do not need a Driver’s Licence to compete in events.

(3) Age

You need to be 14 to compete in Autocross and Khanacross events at BORMSA; juniors from 12 years can compete in Motorkhana. Driver Development Day entries may be accepted from 12 years at the discretion of the Clerk of Course, refer to the event Supplementary Regulations for details.

(4) Car

For details of the car requirements, check out the CAMS Manual online ( – start with the Khanacross Regulations (Autotest Events), Speed Event Standing Regulations and Autocross Standing Regulations.

The most important things are that you have a securely fitted fire extinguisher (minimum 900g), a working seat belt and functioning brakes. BORMSA Supplementary Regulations also stipulate at least one working rear facing red tail light for twilight competition.

Cars do not need to be road registered (assuming you can get it to the track on a trailer) and do not require a roll cage or harness (although additional safety equipment is always encouraged).

The cars currently running at BORMSA include Excels, RX7s, Swifts, Charades, Datsuns ... even the occasional Commodore or Magna. Most haven't been modified other than fitting rally tyres, which is optional (unless you want to win!).

(5) Safety Equipment

BORMSA Event Supplementary Regulations stipulate the wearing of neck to ankle fire retardant clothing - anything 100% cotton is fine and enclosed footwear. You also need an Australian Standards compliant helmet (motorcycle helmets are not recommended).

Still Not Confident for Competition?

Driver Development Days are held throughout the year for juniors and beginners to motorsport to have a go without the pressure of competition on BORMSA’s Khanacross tracks. Experienced drivers and navigators from the WA rally scene are available to assist with skills development.